Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology

In response to the emergence of computer science and information technology as a worldwide contemporary discipline and high demand of professionals in the province, The University of Agriculture Peshawar by virtue of its geographic location and sufficient infrastructural resources, established the Institute of Business and Management Sciences (IBMS) in 1998 with a foremost aim to provide quality education in the fields of Management Sciences, Computer Science and Information Technology. Since its inception, the growth achieved, in terms of students’ enrolment which increased every year is in itself a reflection of its growing reliability and appeal amongst the masses. Academic excellence in the field of computer sciences and Information Technology under the umbrella of IBMS is highly acknowledged and a separate institute namely Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (ICS/IT) in the Faculty of Management and Computer Sciences (FMCS) was notified on August 20, 2019. State of the art computer labs, dynamic and committed faculty with strong academic background, congenial learning environment and innovative learning techniques are notable assets of the institute. ICS/IT offers the following degree programs: BS (Computer Science), BS (Information Technology), MS (Computer Science), MS (Information Technology), MS (Data Science) and PhD (Computer Science).